Alfred Wegener Institut
Alfred Wegener Institute

The company is a “Spin-off project” of the German AWI Helmholtz center for polar and marine research leaded and founded by Dr. Torben Gentz.

The company started in March 2015 as SubSeaSpec UG (handelsbeschränkt) with headquarter in Hamburg, Germany.

Core capabilities

Since 2007 we are using and optimizing underwater mass spectrometers (UWMS) for the detection of gases and organic compounds in aquatic systems for science and industry. With our unique UWMS we are able to detect trace gases like methane and organic substances like BTEX in a very large concentration scale down to very low concentration. With the UWMS coupled to other observation systems we are doing outstanding science and contract research in the field of underwater gas sources. With our gained knowledge in sampling procedures we are able to develop new instrumentation depending on your requirements.

Beside the work experiences at expeditions our team has expert knowledge in data visualization via GIS and scientific interpretation of the gained results.