Underwater mass spectrometry (UWMS) especially excels when considering its ability to produce results when you need them. NOW! Instead of waiting days to get results from an offsite laboratory, the novel UWMS operates in real-time and high resolution to deliver results to you in seconds. Therefore, the UWMS is a powerful analytical tool for a wide range of applications including risk management methodology for Energy supplier, Environmental monitoring and open questions in Science. SubSeaSpec provides open scientific and commercial solutions customized to your organisation’s needs.


3D Verteilung Methan
Methane distribution above a gas field in 3D
The UWMS provides a high temporal and spatial data resolution for accurate detection, mapping and quantification of gas distribution in aquatic systems. The application of UWMS is a step towards a more detailed investigation of spatial and temporal variations of dissolved gases in aquatic systems and sediments. Do to our great experience and flexibility according to the field of application, we could help to answer open question in many fields of science.


Gas platform Northsea
SubSeaSpec can help energy suppliers to work as ecologically sensitive as possible and safely produce energy more cost effectively. The use of the UWMS can provide more precise exploration of new energy sources as well as high resolution monitoring of the aquatic environments during production and transportation. Potential applications for UWMS in the field of oil and gas are:
  • Drilling waste discharges
  • Oil monitoring
  • Pipe line inspection
  • Environmental assessments
  • Leak detection
  • Energy exploration
  • Industrial process control
  • and other operations requiring analysis in high temporal and spatial resolution of the chemistry in aquatic systems.

Enviromental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitoring is getting more in focus of attention than ever before. New national and international standards for the observation of the water quality in lakes, rivers and oceans are getting challenging to fulfil for public authorities and industry. One solution is the use of automated sensors, which monitors chemical compounds in high resolution during long-term series. Beside the more accurate data set obtained by sensors, water samples don’t need to be returned to a central laboratory which safe personal and lab costs. The novel UWMS of SubSeaSpec measures nearly all gases and volatile organic compounds (up to m/z 200) simultaneously, in real-time and in situ and is a great tool for the observation of the water quality. The UWMS could also detect water contamination by e.g VOCs or BTEX at low level (ppb) which could help to establish an accurate risk management for several applications.